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Subject: Dungeon Massage: Part 2, ObedienceThe "massage" table was constructed with sturdy 6" X 6" posts and the table
surface was topped with a thick firm rubber pad, providing comfort and
cleanliness. As I climbed onto it, the sound of snap links rattling in
their anchor bolts on the young girls iligal
sides of the table sent shivers through my body."On your back and lay motionless," he demanded in a voice barely above a
whisper.Before I could even begin to answer, I felt him attaching a rough leather
wrist cuff to my left wrist. Another quickly followed this to my right
wrist and two ankle cuffs to my legs. As he deftly buckled each of them,
more blood surged to my already rigid cock in anticipation of what was to
come shortly.He stretched my arms over my leather-encased head and fastened the leather
wrist cuffs to the end of the table with snap links attached to extremely
strong rubber cords. This bondage position left my upper torso completely
exposed to his ministrations. Similarly, he secured each younger teenie xxx leg to a corner
anchor at the foot end of the table spreading my legs so that my cock,
balls, and ass were totally available to him. By now, the rich leather
smell in my nostrils coupled with the immobilizing bondage, were beginning
to lead me into sub-space. I desperately wanted him to touch my cock, or
anywhere on my body for that matter.In what seemed like an eternity, he finally touched young nude doughter
my leather encased head
and caressed it while he secured the top "D" ring with a snap link hungarian young pussy and
strong rubber cord to another anchor at the head of the table. The tension
on the rubber cords evidently was adjustable because I could feel him
tighten them to the point that I could barely strain the slightest movement
of my extremities."There," he whispered in my ear, "you're all nice and snug."While caressing my head with his left hand, he inserted his right thumb
into my hungry mouth and directed that I suck it. I eagerly began to suck,
ever mindful not to let my teeth make contact with his skin. Even this
minor adult toons young contact helped relieve my overpowering desire for his touch on my
body.As he removed his thumb from my mouth, I felt him sliding what appeared to
be a pair of headphones over my ears. They felt like the large
professional kind that completely covered ones ears. Almost
instantaneously, I was bathed in total silence. Straining as hard as I
could, I couldn't hear anything except the strong pounding of my heart in
my ears, as young porn forum fear began to overtake my senses.Momentarily, young sexy latinas I heard his voice through the earphones. "If I need to talk to
you, I'll do it through these. Otherwise, they'll be turned off and you'll
not hear anything." Click. Total silence again.As I anxiously waited for what would come next, I began enjoying the
sensory deprivation to which I was being subjected. Being voided of the
senses of touch, sight, hearing, and to some degree smell together with
restricted movement imposed by bondage was extremely erotic. If only he
would touch my cock - oh my God how much I desired and needed that!The total isolation was soon broken by the touch of his strong hands on my
shoulders, pecs and nipples. His strong fingers began to tease my nipple
buds to perk up and respond with blood flow. As I was enjoying the
attention, I felt the pain of a nipple clip being applied to my right bud,
quickly followed by one to my left side. He tugged on them to insure they
were properly seated. The teeth of the clips digging into my nipples were
painful, causing me to concentrate my attention to them.His left hand was caressing my young puberty girl abdomen when I sensed his right hand
encasing my heavy ball sack. He slowly increased russian younger girls the pressure on my balls
as he began to squeeze the two nuts together. His powerful grip brought me
a feeling of being kicked - I wanted to cry out, but no sound escaped my
lips as I opened my mouth. Or did it, and I just couldn't hear myself?
Now my attention alternated between the nipples and my balls."Boy, that's just a sample of what will happen if you don't please me," he
whispered through the headphones, relaxing his ball grip. "Do you
understand boy?" he continued, restoring his strong grip on my sack for
emphasis."Yes Sir - Yes Master," I screamed."Good boy." I heard through the phones as his velvet hand began sensuously,
teasingly, slowly stroking my turgid cock shaft. Oh, I was in heaven. I
didn't want him to ever stop the slow sensuous strokes as he teasingly
rubbed up and off the corona. Could I hold back the release I felt
building in my groin?After three or four full shaft strokes, he steadied my throbbing cock with
a powerful grip at the base of the shaft, just above my balls. It felt
like he flicked my cock toplist young xxx head with a finger of his other hand. It took a
couple of seconds for the pain to sink in and be absorbed by my brain.
After letting the discomfort register, he applied another finger flick to a
new spot on my cockhead. Another half dozen finger flicks and my brain was
turning to mush. The aching began to subside as he massaged my boy
cockhead in circular motions with the palm of his hand. Either I was
leaking pre-cum or he had applied some lubricant to his hand, because the
softness of the skin on his palm was suddenly accentuating the delicious
sensations I felt at my slit.He began exploring my ass with his finger; gently, at first, caressing my
opening and arousing the nerve endings on the exterior of my hole. As he
applied the cold lubricant on my opening, his finger forcefully and rapidly
penetrated my puckered sphincter muscles."Relax!" he commanded as his finger found my prostate. I immediately
wanted to cum as he massaged my gland. But such was not to be, because he
withdrew his finger as quickly as he had inserted it. As my muscles began
to relax, I felt the cold smoothness of a heavy metal ass plug being
inserted. I sensed that it was both large in diameter and long because I
could feel it a good distance up my rectum before the base finally snugged
up against my butt cheeks.With all of the anal and genital stimulation he had put me through, I had
almost forgotten about my nipples being encased by clamps. The scream
emanating from my mouth as Master removed the first clamp was enough to
make him command, young flash porn "Don't scream, boy!"He massaged the freed nipple with his thumb and finger, gently and
sensuously restoring the blood young virginsex videos
flow to the tit.I could feel a bit gag being inserted in my mouth as he said, "Here, bite
down on this while I remove the other one." Biting on the gag as hard as I
could didn't lessen the pain as he removed the left nipple clamp.Wordlessly, he climbed onto the table and over me. I could feel his boot
encased feet and legs straddling my hips and his naked legs pressing
against the sides of my chest and the triceps of my outstretched arms. He
had removed his leather shorts and his musky man odor began to seep into my
nostrils through the leather hood as he lowered his balls to my mouth.
"Kiss them," I heard him command through the headphones.Eagerly, my hungry kissing and deep moaning sounds conveyed to him my
desire to do much more than kiss his smoothly shaved balls. I could feel
him adjust his body and bring his equally smooth cock shaft to my lips.
"No licking, boy - just kiss my cock," he whispered through the phones.I showered the underside of his smooth cock shaft with hot, moist kisses;
aching for the opportunity to lick his velvet 7" shaft, or even better, to
suck him. As if youngest asian porn he could read my thoughts, he gradually, teasingly moved
the head of his cock to my hot lips and commanded me to lick. young litle teenies
As I tasted
the drop of pre-cum that oozed from his slit, I rapidly opened my mouth as
wide as I could, hoping against hope that he would reward me."You have yet to earn that privilege, boy," he breathlessly murmured in my
ears as he sat back on my chest,
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